Thursday, January 23, 2014

A New Year

Hard to believe that it has been a year since I posted to my blog. What a year! In January 2012, my husband began talking seriously of changing jobs and moving from our home of 22 years in Tennessee, returning to the Pacific Northwest and taking a new job. Then it began: a whirlwind of fixing up our home, getting rid of twenty two years of accumulate junk, packing, staging, listing, showing...and actually selling our house within three weeks of listing it with a realty. Then the movers came and packed it all up to ship it across country. Of course during that time, Keith had to begin his new job, so after a month of working hard on the repairing and painting, he left me to finish getting the house on the market.
I was so overwhelmed, I put out an email to my community of friends from church and they were so gracious to come and help me get the house scrubbed and mulched and mowed and some wiring repaired and wow, are they the best friends! Eleven came, and I had a bunch of sticky notes with jobs for them to choose from. I even had one of my friends pulling pictures out of albums that were falling apart and had those sticky pages. A job that needed to be done so I could consolidate stuff and not have to ship junk.
So after a great drive across country in July, by the grace of God, I feel at home and glad to be back in the PNW!
Oh we'll, you probably don't want to know all the details, but I have decided it is time to get back to blogging and get my quilt work going again.
So more later. Off to my Bible study this morning!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grinch Pills

Yesterday after school, the boys and I made "Grinch Pill Packs" for teacher gifts and whatnot. There's always someone that crosses our path that needs a little gift and it's great to be prepared! These are so cute and fun to make! Plus they don't require the obligatory dipping in chocolate mess, like our next project probably will...Oh yeah!
Brief instructions follow the pictures.



These are simple to make. It took us about an hour and a half to make a dozen, my kids are 11, 7 and 5 years old. Any age level appropriate embellishments can be used, we used stamps and stickers.

  1. Using standard card stock in green or red, cut in half vertically, into two pieces, 4 1/4" x 11". 
  2. Score them before folding to make crisp folds. Measuring from the left edge, score at 4" and 8 1/2" and then fold away from the score. This makes a nice envelope type fold, though the sides will be open.
  3. Trim the edges with fancy scissors.
  4. With the two flaps folded in, punch holes through the flaps, so the holes will match when you are threading the ribbon closure.
  5. Now decorate however you want, with stamps, stickers, glitter, markers, rick rack, ribbon, punches, whatever you have on hand.
  6. I found little zip bags in the craft jewelry and  beading department at Walmart and put in about a dozen green M & M style candies that I bought at Fresh Market. You can use any green candy, jelly beans or mints would be fine as well as any small bag for the candy.
  7. I taped the bags inside the pouch, though you could staple if you like.

The poem came from here, which was posted on Pinterest and I pinned to my Christmas board. Also from Pintrest, the idea for the pouch came from here, though I modified it to the size I wanted and changed how the ribbon was used.
You could make these in lots of ways, there's a poem out there for Snowman poop or other kinds of "pills." I thought about the winter blues and blue candies, and a poem like "Has winter got you down? Can't get to town? Just pop a pill or two and say goodbye to the blues!" Or some such thing...
I hope you try these!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Community & Homeschool Families EXPO & Used Curriculum Sale

I haven't had my Etsy shop, Bag & Baggage, active for a while, but this Saturday, I'm participating in this Expo as a quilter, crafter, sewist, beader, etc...I have a little of everything and the pics to show it...

Ever have trouble at the airport luggage carousel, trying to recognize your suitcase from everyone else's? Luggage tags measure 4"x3", with a strap to attach to the handle of the suitcase.

 Little bags, coin pouches, ID pouches to wear around the neck, cell phone pouches, etc...

Baby shoes, what more can I say but CUTE! 
 These thingies are the most handy items! They are microwave bowl or mug holders. Have you put something in the microwave to heat and then the bowl or mug is too hot to touch? Put one of these under the dish before heating and just pull out by the holder. No more burned fingers!

 Fun hats for young children! A Viking, a mohawk and of course a cow for wearing to Chick-Fil-A on free lunch day! Others include a bunny, cat and elf.

 This tea party set includes a handbag for the party goer, tea set and a tote to carry everything. Perfect for the little lady in your family!

Kindles, Nooks or other readers will fit nicely in these covers. They can be turned into an easel to make watching a movie or reading with no hands easier.
The small covers are for a phone or iPod and will turn into an easel as well.

These little beauties are knitting markers. I have several assortments of different beads. This one is purple glass beads, including an odd shaped one to mark the end of a row, the center or whatever special marking your pattern might need.

These are burpie and swaddler sets. 100% cotton flannel, double layers.
And of course, an assortment of handbags. I got into handbag making when the kids were really small and I needed quick to sew projects to feel like I was accomplishing something!

I hope you'll drop by my table at the Expo at Boones Creek Christian Church on Saturday, December 8, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. There will be lots of other vendors, including:
Kari's Heart Foundation
Gingerbread knick knacks
Tutoring Solutions
Eli & Zobella's Boutique
Everything Erin's Jewelry
Rodan & Fields skin care
The Sweet Tooth
Used Homeschool curriculum 
Cruise Consultant
Elizabethton co-op
Mary Kay
Visalus Rep
Gold Canyon
Tomboy Tools 
Baskets by Vickie
Organmi Owl
I got your back
Mystic Momma
Homemade Crafts
Crafts & Puppy Treats
Kreative Kristy 
Young Living Essentials Oils
Bags & Baggage
Initials Inc
Pet Friends Forever Daycare & Boarding
Al San Bella Treasure's
J Commons Photography
The Pampered Chef
Kreative Kristy Gifts & Jewelry 

See You There!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Craftsy Classes on Sale!

Hey, don't forget to follow the link on the right to see the selection of classes on Craftsy. They're on sale this weekend for only $19.99. Do you want to learn to sew, decorate cakes, knit or something else? There are quality classes available 24/7 for you to watch the videos anytime. No deadlines, no expiration dates, watch over and over or whenever!
Check them out!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Pattern Available

Becky's Little Garden is not exactly a new pattern, but it is new in my Craftsy shop. I designed this a few years ago when my mom's new fabric line, "Fete de Fleurs, Poppies" was coming out. The pattern has been on her website for quite a while, but now I will be selling it from my shop.

The pattern is pretty simple, the best fabric choices are a large print for the big blocks and a smaller scale print for the smaller squares, then something that reads as a solid for the corner squares and triangles. Play with some ideas and see what you come up with.
I hope you are inspired!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Craftsy Links

You can see that I have added a couple of badges over on the right. One is because I think Craftsy's classes are high class and I recommend them. You can watch the videos anytime and as many times as you want and they are good quality, in depth and have easy navigation if you want to watch another segment of the lessons.  The other is because I have a pattern shop on Craftsy and I would love it if you would visit!

If you visit Craftsy from my links, you will give me credit for your visit, which would be nice. Just sayin'. Thanks!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Contest at the Quilting Gallery

I hope you remember the lovely Pond Challenge quilt that my friends on the Love of Art Quilts group on the Connecting Threads Quilt with Us community helped me to make. You can see the original post here.

Weekly Themed Quilt ContestsAnyway, this weekend, the quilt is entered in the Weekly Contest over at Quilting Gallery. Voting is open Friday through Sunday, so hurry on over and vote for your favorite...hope that it is my quilt!